Kirkegrdsveien 45 kongsberg

kirkegrdsveien 45 kongsberg

Germans (serial# 30534). Twenty additional pistols were assembled from foreign-produced parts in 1987 as collector's pieces for the US market. Kongsberg Vpenfabrikk was ready to start mass production in 1918. Norwegian Armed Forces Museum in 1978. However, as the US had just adopted the Colt.45ACP M/1911 pistol it was decided to conduct further tests. There are some models with 1945 stamping finished, completed and delivered in 19 (original Kongsberg documentation) citation needed Some of the most rare are the "Matpakke-Colt" (lunch box Colt) that were made out of parts smuggled out during World War II by workers and used. Norwegian Armed Forces until being replaced by the, glock P80 in 1985. Pistols No pistols were produced in 19In those years, production of Krag-Jrgensen rifles was prioritized.

kirkegrdsveien 45 kongsberg

Cartridge.45 ACP Action Recoil-operated, closed bolt R ate of fire, Semi- automatic. Muzzle velocity, 800 ft/s (244 m/s). Feed system, 7 rounds (standard- capacity magazine 1 in chamber. The Kongsberg Colt is a nickname used for Colt M1911 pistols produced under license by the. De Kongsberg Colt is een semiautomatisch pistool ontworpen en gefabriceerd door Ko ngsberg Gruppen.

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So in best ham September 1914, Norway signed a contract with. The most rare are the first 95 marked with 1912. Fabrique Nationale of Belgium for manufacture. One significant change was now made. Royal Norwegian Navy in 1915, 300 more pistols were shipped in 1917 for the. The slide-stop was extended down and back to make it easier to operate. These pistols were to replace the Nagant revolvers (7,5mm M/1893) as the standard military sidearm in Norway. Number 2 was stolen from. Following extensive tests through early 1914, it was finally decided, in August 1914, to adopt the Colt M/1911 pistol in Norway.