Simon frisr oslo

simon frisr oslo

(2015). European Educational Research Assosiation. Forskningsgruppa Empowerment, institutt YFL, LUI, HiOA.

Ulleberg, Inger ; Michelet, Simon ; Solem, Ida Heiberg ; Fossum, Hanne (2016). And then, as I am a carpenter, there are certain technical, practical jobs that I try to fulfill, always running out of time of course.

Atee Conference 2013, Halden, Norway. Studentkultur for lring og danning: en casestudie av dialogisk undervisning i lrerutdanningen. Student culture and participation in learning processes in the first three years of primary and secondary school. Michelet, Simon ; Eri, Thomas (2014). I pretty much feel like an amusing or unusual anecdote, a bit like a Viking being placed in a totally different context, very, very far from the conditions in which I grew. Seminar, Pedagogisk utviklingssenter, HiO. Praktisk lrerarbeid med mangfold - i lrerutdanning og grunnskole.

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