Baked xmas ham

baked xmas ham

rye dough, to keep it juicy and succulent. Top, cheesy Ham Rice Bake, what You Need. Like a lot of other people, I use leftover ham and mayo instead of the dressing. Reindeer roast is a traditional substitute for Christmas ham in the areas of Lapland, the northern province of Finland, where reindeer are typically kept as varebilspesialisten oslo semi-domesticated livestock. Special Equipment Needed, healthy Living, good news! Liver casserole (in picture on left) is made of ground pork or beef liver mixed with rice, milk, egg, onion, dark molasses and raisins and baked in the oven. I used left over ham and my husband and I really liked it a lot. Picture on right: a piece of "Kalaasi Maksapasteija", a delicious brand of Finnish liver. I'd like to make it again, though I plan to mix shredded cheese in with the rest of the ingredients since it needed a little more flavor.

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Canned Swedish anchovies are the "secret ingredient" used in many Finnish and esso sarpsborg Nordic liver pts to give them their distinctively piquant, sweetish flavour. Nutritional Information, serving Size 4 servings, calories 480. You'll save 4 g of fat per serving by preparing with kraft Light Mayo Reduced Fat Mayonnaise and kraft 2 Milk Shredded Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese. Picture on right: lightly smoked, "red-salted" Finnish Christmas ham. Seems like this helped add a lot of flavor to the casserole! I didn't have shredded cheese so i used velveta. I've tried mixed veggies and chopped spinach and both times it turned out great.

I used leftover ham, mayo (instead of miracle whip - didn't have any on hand) garlic powder, pepper, and a little onion. I also used cream of celery instead of mushroom.