Eiktunet gjvik

eiktunet gjvik

* The worlds largest arena excavated in rock can be found in Gjvik. Later, Mustad became one of the world's largest manufacturers of fish hooks. Biri, Snertingdal and Vardal were merged with Gjvik Name, the town is named after the farm Gjvik (Old Norse "Djpvk since the town is built on its ground.

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Gjvik was separated from Vardal as a town and municipality of its own in 1861. It shows a white swan (Cygnus cygnus). In the early 19th century there was considerable immigration there from Valdres and Vestlandet, aiding Gjviks growth. (The boat Skibladner, also called 'the white swan of Mjsa regularly visits the town in summertime.) The former coat-of-arms was a tree, with the statement "Vis et voluntas" (Force and will) on the lower part of the shield. The highest point is Ringsrudsen with a height of 842 meters. Infobox_Kommune nameGjvik idnumber0502 countyOppland landscapeGjvik capitalGjvik governorBjrn Iddberg (Arbeiderpartiet) governor_as_of2005 arearank165 area672 arealand630 areapercent0.21 population_as_of2004 populationrank28 population27,500 populationpercent0.60 populationdensity44 populationincrease2.8 demonymGjvikenser languageBokml lat_deg60 lat_min52 lat_sec44 lon_deg10 lon_min31 lon_sec19 utm_zone32V utm_northing6750266 utm_easting0582633 geo_catadm2nd, gjvik is a town and municipality in the county of Oppland, Norway. It was granted a town charter in 1864. The rural municipalities.