Ski stmarka

ski stmarka

is the headquarters of government, the see of a Lutheran and, since 1953, a Roman Catholic bishop, and has a university and several other institutions of higher education. Canada: Oscarsgate 20, N-Oslo 3 (tel. It was only after the separation of Norway from Denmark in 1814 that Kristiania again became a capital and a royal residence; during the reign of King Johan it enjoyed a new rise to prosperity. The port is one of the largest in Norway, the base of a large merchant shipping fleet and several shipping lines. Hkon V made the move from Bergen to Oslo about 1 300 and began to build the stronghold of Akershus. Summer hotels: Anker Sommerhotell, Storgate 55, 500 Panorama Sommerhotell, Songsveien 218, 770 Bibelskolens Sommerhotell, Staffeldtsgate 4, 120 Nord-Norske Studentog Elevehjem, John Collets Alle 110 liverbirds bergen (closed for rebuilding Fjellhaug Sommerhotell, Sinsenveien 15, 210 Vettakollen Hotell, Huldreveien 14, 64 Holtekilen Sommerhotell, Michelets Vei 55, Stabekk, 100. Restaurants with view: Frognerseteren (popular Holmenkollen. On 1 January 1 925 it resumed its old name of Oslo.

The most accessible Alpine skiing area is on the Norefjell (2 hours drive N W via Honefoss and Noresund with four lifts up to 1800 m (5700 ft). Oslo (known from 1624 to 1877 as Christiania and from 1877 to 1924 as Kristiania capital of Norway and chief town of the counties of Oslo and Akershus, lies in a magnificent setting, surrounded by wooded hills, atthe head ofthe long Oslofjord (the little Akerselv.

Blom (an artists restaurant with a striking interior Karl Johansgate 41; Frascati (French Stortingsgate 20; La Ptite Cuisine chez Ben Joseph (French Solligate 2; Cossack (Russian Kongensgate 6; Coq dOr, Skovveien 1 5; King George Steakhouse, Torggate 11; Theatercafeen, Stortingsgate 2426; Cheese Inn (cheese specialties. The Nordmarka is most easily reached on the Holmenkollen railway. Ski schools; 1 30 ice-rinks (3 with artificial ice) within the city; curling at Bygdoy. Viking, Biskop Gummerusgate 3, 468 Ambas-sadeur, Camilla Colettsvei 15, 50 SP, sauna; Linne, Stratsrad Mathiesensvei 12, 120 Carlton Rica, Parkveien 78, 86 Ritz, Frederik Stangsgate 3, 68 I Ml Hotel, Staffeldtsgate 4, 106 Norum, Bygd0y Alle 53, 90 Forbundshotellet, Holbergs Plass 1, 137 Nobel, Karl. Scandinavia, Holbergsgate 30, 967 SB, sauna, eight restaurants, shopping arcades, underground garage; Grand, Karl Johansgate 31, 525 SB, sauna, restaurant; Continental, Stortings-gate 2426, 270 restaurant; Bristol, Kristian IVs Gate 7, 220 Astoria, Akersgate 21, 175 KNA-Hotellet, Parkveien 68, 225 Stefanhotellet, Rosen-krantzgate 1, 200 Gabelhus, Gabelsgate. USA: Drammensveien 18, N-Oslo 1 (tel. After a great fire in 1624, Christian IV of Denmark rebuilt the town on the N side of Akershus Castle and called it Kristiania.