Alt j bloodflood lyrics

alt j bloodflood lyrics

blood to the heart (Quelea, quelea) A flood of blood. To the heart and the fear slipstreams. Slaps the C-O-double M-O-N, tide hageland porsgrunn out, tide in, a flood of blood.

alt j bloodflood lyrics

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Southampton Common (also mentioned in "Fitzpleasure a park in the city centre. "It's about the fear that can happen when you're approached by people that look like they're gonna hit you and it's based in this area, it's called Southampton Common.". Soon become Mandela men, silent knife, unholy knife, i've fallen for the black outside my window. C-O-double M-O-N, a wave, an awesome wave. Chorus, slaps the C O-double M-O-N, verse. And the fear slipstreams. I've poked a nerve he'll slap me like a whale. A flood of blood to the heart.

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