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as a virgin forest area, he says. These dalesmen logged the pine forest, but the scars appeared to be from long before this. But Elvebakk says this practice vanished when Christianity was spread to the Samis. There were also too many of the scars for the footpaths or reindeer routes theory to be plausible. The farmers who logged the forest regarded the scrapings as harmful for their lumber, says Elvebakk. The harvesting was done in the spring.

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The definition of a virgin forest is that it is untouched by humans. The bark flour was mild and tasty. Discography, singles, this article is a stub. Patches of bark have been removed from buss otta trondheim older pines in the vre Dividalen National Park, but not in ways that would prevent the trees from continuing to grow. In hard times with failed crops and famine at home they could cross over to Norway in search of food and game. The local Sami, who did not have tools for chopping down large trees, were more careful when they reaped bark. "In a laborious process the bark was converted into flour that could be used in cooking.

This was over a century before the dalesmen arrived. But this forest wasnt untouched after all; what we regarded as a virgin forest was actually part of an ancient Sami cultural landscape. The Sami and mainstream Norwegian farmers and foresters were often at odds with one another, not just in Dividalen, but also elsewhere in northern Norway. The inner bark was the prize they were after.