Volkl rtm skis review

volkl rtm skis review

wondered how the latest and greatest Volkl gavekort oslo skis performed but haven't been able to demo them yourself, these on snow reviews are perfect. This ski is very versatile. Oddly enough, however, during my own on-snow testing at Winter Park, the RTM 84 proved to be one of my least favorite hard-snow skis.

The tip rocker allows easy turn initiation and playful manoeuvrability that is a lot of fun both off piste and off. The RTM 84 rewards skiers who don't 'work' the ski. We hope these Volkl video reviews help you make the right choice if you're in the market for new skis. Ski Binding Weight (g) 2901, testing Scores.

You are using a web browser we don't support. The RTM 84 succeeds Volkl's popular AC line, so realistically this isn't meant to be an elite-level carver. Interestingly, the Volkl Product Manager I spoke to pre-warned me about this tendency of the RTM 84, obviously anticipating exactly this reaction. These Volkl ski reviews offer insight into how different skis perform in real life situations. Size (cm), turning Radius (m)., tail Width (mm), tip Width (mm), waist Width (mm), indiv. Rather, this is Volkl's high-end everyman ski, for those who aren't tilting toward powder or fat boards. As for that early rise tip, you really need to stay away from. Off piste, the responsiveness of this ski makes it really enjoyable and comfortable across terrains. On piste it feels light, with good power transmission between edges and a good grip on the hard pack. Why do I rate this as one of my least favorite carvers?

A great easy to use ski, the Volkl RTM 78 is very predictable, giving you great support underfoot at every twist and turn. So try them yourself if you're interestedand be sure to compare them to other offerings in the frontside category. I much prefer to tell the ski what I want it to do, rather than the reverse.