Stamina hot grimstad

stamina hot grimstad

Locating the Bismarck The effort to locate the wreck of Bismarck was complicated by inaccurate British position reports obtained during the stormy conditions that had persisted in the days preceding the final gunnery engagement, such poor conditions that unreliable and inconsistent dead reckoning estimates. The German design theory for torpedo defense systems was based on tests on sections on the old pre-dreadnought Preussen in the early 1930s. One of the questions we are often asked is, "Did the British sink Bismarck, or did the Germans scuttle her?" Our answer to both these questions has always been "YES." Based on the condition of the hull, especially in comparison to the after portion.

Brooke was extremely helpful in reviewing an earlier version of this manuscript and is also the author of "Alarm Starboard which was helpful in assessing the events of the battle from his vantage point on Prince of Wales. According to British gunnery reports, there was a large fire in this area. Remarkable evidence of the failure in the heat affected zone of the welded seam at Bismarck 's stern was observed on the seabed in 1989.

We believe Turret 64, on the other hand, was shoved inboard by hydrodynamic forces during capsizing, coming to rest with its guns pointing forward instead of abeam. Endurance 9,500 nautical miles @ 19 knots. Bismarck 's side protective system consisted of two layers, with the outer layer designed to be kept void and the inner layer designed to be filled with either fuel or ballast water for the system to perform as designed. This star-shell fire was reported as a definite torpedo hit by the British destroyer Maori. The Germans believed cartridge-type ammunition was much safer than bag ammunition and decidedly less susceptible to magazine explosions such as those which devastated several British battle cruisers at Jutland. These hits undermined the support for the forward bridge tower (command tower which collapsed and broke away from the hull at the level of the lower bridge deck (USN 02 Level) when the ship capsized. The fatal torpedo hit the steering area of Bismarck. In addition, the American government had agreed to use its "Neutrality" Air Patrol to search for German surface raiders west of Greenland, which permitted the British to concentrate their war-worn and somewhat depleted search resources to the east.

The Scuttling Debate. Bismarck as she appeared setting out on "Operation Rheinuburg" except that the swastikas were painted over. 6, 7, 8 and 9). Some Observations There are a number of technical, design, and operational lessons that can be learned from an analysis of the Bismarck story. Fuel tanks had been contaminated by sea water, and the fuel distribution system forward had been seriously damaged.