Folgefonna skiing summer

folgefonna skiing summer

Fehn, the most prominent Norwegian architect of the postwar era, hosts the interactive museum which gives you knowledge about glaciers and climate in new and innovative ways. This is the smallest of the summer-open resorts, and the altitude is a bit lower than the other ones (around 1640 meters above sea level). I mean, when I think of skiing, I tend to think of chilly winter days and warm clothes certainly not 20 hours of sunlight, shorts and a T-shirt (maybe not the best idea if you plan to fall).

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folgefonna skiing summer

Photo: Jo Bjrnar Hausnes. They also offer heli-skiing! The slopes are a bit short, but the park is pretty good, with a number of kickers and rails. It is technically in Sweden, but its right on the border. Summer or winter, there is always fun to be had. This is the same glacier you cross if you are hiking to the summit of Galdhpiggen. Below weve taken a closer look at three different summer ski resorts. Stryn has some great off-piste and free-ride options and a terrain park. Did you know Norwegians invented the skis? This is how the drive up to Stryn looks! Its also reachable by public transport. Once you arrive in the morning, the slopes are still hard.