Trondheim stiftsgrden

trondheim stiftsgrden

in the southern wing on the garden side. Later renovations, subsequently Stiftsgrden has been renovated a number of times, for example in connection with the consecration of King Olav in 1958. Stiftsgrden has been used for the festivities held on these occasions and the processions to and from the cathedral start and end here.

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Vin og rstoff trondheim, Vianor trondheim,

Prominent guests resided there when in Trondheim. Through her mother she steinerskolen i kristiansand was descended from some of the most prominent noble families. She often traveled abroad and seldom used the palace herself before she died. King Olav 5th 1958, king Harald 5th and Queen Sonja 1991. Lady Schller was a representative of the cultural and commercial growth that Trondheim experienced in the late 18th century, and an example of the citys prominent and enlightened social elite. With 144 rooms, it is the largest wooden building in northern Europe, a massive pile in the late baroque style. When Princess Märtha Louise was married in Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim in 2002, the wedding celebrations were held at Stiftsgrden. Advertisement, when the royal family visits Trondheim, they stay here - and they never run out of bedrooms. The palace was built in the 18th century and is one of the largest wooden buildings in Scandinavia. In 1906 Haakon VII was crowned in Trondheim and both King Olav V and King Harald V were consecrated in Nidaros Cathedral. The first royal persons ever to visit the present building were Crown Prince Frederik and Princes Carl and Frederick.