Molding carbon fiber parts

molding carbon fiber parts

Molding. Once the resin has fully cured the part can be removed from the mold. In this case I wanted to make a hidden subwoofer enclosure for my car by molding a fiberglass tub that sat inside the spare tire so I wouldn't lose any trunk space. Using zoltek PX35 and a polyurethane (PU) resin system, The Surface RTM Process produces out-of-mold ready to paint carbon fiber components for structural and semi-structural applications. You can also reach out to us directly at or (360) 573-7800. The last step was to bolt the subwoofer into place. With no order minimum, were here to help companies of every size meet their goals and deadlines. If the cloth (or CSM) has to be applied in sections make sure the sections overlap by at least one inch.

Production and Shipping, your order will go into the production queue the morning after you approve. Intake, if you have a project in mind, please fill out the form above or simply give us a call (360) ). . I first started by covering the inside of the spare tire wheel with clear packing tape and giving it a good coat of mold release wax. Discover how our flawless materials can elevate the performance and style of your next project.

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molding carbon fiber parts

After the molding process was finished all I had to do elkjp oasen bergen telefon was bond the new carbon sections onto the existing bodywork and blend it in with some filler. When wetting out the resin use a short bristled paintbrush and a "stippling" action to make sure the resin has fully penetrated the carbon cloth as is placed in the mold. Then I started laying up my fiberglass ( I used CSM for this) into the taped spare tire. Shop Now, contact Us Today, made in the USA, why Protech? Now cover the pattern with woven fiberglass cloth and wet out the resin. Additionally, zoltek has demonstrated the ability to rapidly expand manufacturing and maintain capacity for growing applications and can scale carbon fiber production at a faster rate than any other company in the field and zolteks proprietary carbon fiber technology enables the manufacturing carbon fiber. Then I drilled a hole in the hole in the MDF for my subwoofer wiring and applied sealant to it after I ran my wiring to the woofer.

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