Oslo ruter zones

oslo ruter zones

by the municipal Kristiania Kommunale Sporveie 1899, but since they were operating the least desirable routes, the city chose to sell the unprofitable company in 1905. Akershus edit Main article: Stor-Oslo Lokaltrafikk Stor-Oslo Lokaltrafikk or SL was the public transport authority for bus and ferry transport in Akershus from 1973 to 2007. The services are financed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, but Ruter pays NSB additional subsidies to provide travellers with Ruter's fares, which are lower than NSB's regular fares. The actual operation of the T-bane is performed by the subsidiary Sporveien T-banen, while the tramway is operated by Sporveien Trikken. The metropolitan area of Oslo stretches beyond the city limits into the county of Akershus. The infrastructure is owned by the Norwegian National Rail Administration. The system is operated by Norges Statsbaner (NSB who use Class 69, Class 72 and now Class 74 electric multiple units. RuterReise allows you to easily plan your public transport journey by bus, tram, metro, ferry and train in all eastern Norway counties (Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud, Hedmark, Oppland, Telemark, Vestfold and stfold). Service edit Metro edit Main article: Oslo Metro The Oslo Metro is the rapid transit system that serves all boroughs of Oslo, and also cuts deep into Brum.

oslo ruter zones

oslo ruter zones

How long it's valid depends on how many zones you have purchased.
1 zone 1 hour an extra 30 min per extra zone.
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Bus edit Bus transport is the dominant form of public transport in Akershus, while it merely supplements rail transport in Oslo. Ruter operates on a proof-of-payment system, and there is a fine of either NOK 950 or NOK 1,150 for traveling without a valid gladiator oslo ticket, depending on whether or not the fine is paid on location. The service on the Gjvik Line was made subject to public service obligation, and will be operated by the company NSB Gjvikbanen until 2015. In 1924 the concessions of the two private tramway companies expired, and the municipality created Oslo Sporveier to take over all tramway operations in the capital. The company gradually took over all suburban tramways in Oslo and Brum, and eventually also operated all bus routes in Oslo.

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