Ntnu dragvoll trondheim

ntnu dragvoll trondheim

further 100 hectares (250 acres) of space to expand at Glshaugen in the following decade. At the time of the last transaction most of the crofts had been split off and the farm retained 35 hectares (86 acres) of fields plus forest and meadows. One of these processes was the establishment of a university in Trondheim. Its easy to get the city Center via the bus or to walk to Dragvoll campus. Edvard Bulls veg 1, Trondheim, 7491, Norway. She kept it until it was transferred to Reiner Ulfers. The Ministry of Education and Research contacted the County Governor of Sr-Trndelag to find a suitable site for a campus. The area hosts the campus for the faculties of social sciences and humanities of the, norwegian University of Science and Technology (ntnu). Spechman in 1839, Engelbright Thun in 1850, Gustav Olsen in 1870, Jacob He in 1876 and Arnt Clemmetsen Grendahl in 1881.

Trondheim in, trndelag county, rom til leie troms Norway. Edvard bulls veg 1, Trondheim, 7049, Norway. Hyblene ligger i et rolig boligfelt, kun 5-10 minutter gangavstand til ntnu Dragvoll og Idrettsbygget. The historic name of Dragvoll has varied, variously being written Draghaull (1519 Dragouldt (1570 Drauold (1621 Dragwoll (1667) and Dragvoll (1723). The farm was privatized between 16Kaspar Widthagen's odelsrett was registered in 1683. 4, the stable dates from 1938. Neighborhood in Trondheim in Trndelag, Central Norway, Norway. 7 The plans and approval of a university were passed by the Parliament of Norway in 1968. In 1981 a group of youth broke into the barn and lit a bondfire. Contents, history edit, the barn which burned down in 1981. 8 Dragvoll met these criteria. By 1701 it had passed to Wilhelm Sebastian With, who owned but did not run the farm, as he was working as a pastor in Trondheim.

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