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If youre looking for the cheapest option, then Im not interested in working with you because you view a coder as a low-level worker, not as a partner. In other projects, Ive made a plan with the owners to slowly update legacy code over time, implementing things like OOP, database abstraction, autoloaders, etc. The total of completed sales increased to 89 from the previous 2014 high. My point in talking about all this is to try and convey the value that I strive to bring your company. Many of my clients have come to me with code from such agencies, with the impression that its 90 done. Usually the main resistance to an hourly rate is trust (and ethics and I expect this to take time to achieve so Im happy to start off with a conversation, and one or two small tasks so we can make sure its a good working. Heres where Im different from other coders: Most developers will look at a really bad codebase (spaghetti code) and scoff, suggesting a rebuild from scratch using the newest technologies. My pricing is simple: I charge one hourly rate for everything. (As always, the grey lines show previous years and the red line represents 2015 completed sales.) (All data was sourced from the.

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Send me a note and lets get the conversation started! Sometimes the right decision was to work with the bad code currently in place, warts and all. That range for 2014 was 8,000 to 1,200,000. I am also happy to provide additional information on the Lake Vermilion real estate market. Why not Fixed Bid pricing? Thats an increase of 26,097 from the 2014 average of 261,667. Slowly, so that there isnt a delay in getting the site live, but also so itll be more easy to extend and maintain going forward. And yes, a couple of times the decision was triage of the current code, followed by a complete restart from scratch.

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