Bergen card worth it

bergen card worth it

money on a funicular ride to the top. Bergen is a kid-friendly city. You also get free or discounted admission to museums and attractions, as well as cultural events, sightseeing tours, restaurants and parking. That you visit in that one day. Others may want to linger and "smell the flowers". Experience the City of Culture and World Heritage City Bergen, visit the museums and the historic sites, see the exciting attractions, eat at the classic Bergen restaurants and even have time to spend the evening at a theatre, cinema or at a concert. We also zipped around town using ferries, buses, and trains without having to worry about purchasing tickets. Bergen is the city between the seven mountains, and the Flibanen Funicular will take you up into the mountains in just six minutes. We leave for our adventure in 3 weeks.

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So for me it was a very good deal. Take your pick among 24, 48 or 72-hour card. You will have views in all directions and it is considered the citys most beautiful viewpoint. The Bergen Card, however, is usually not a good deal. My daughter and I were in Oslo for 2 days this summer. You can bussruter stranda lesund ride on excellent cycling paths or try a spectacular zip-line with a great view. The Bergen Card gives you discounts on activities for the whole family. We visited all the sites we wanted to see, without paying for admission. Most of the sights in Bergen are right near the center, so unless you're staying on the outskirts you will not use transit, which right away takes away some of the value of a card. However, I was seeing a lot of museums and taking a fair amount of transit.

bergen card worth it

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