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customer, expenseReport, sync, turns into a Journal, itemMaster. Allow balancing transactions AllowBanTran 'Y' or 'N' se as set on profile. Any data referenced within the journal (Analysis, Accounts etc) must exist in the system for the journal to be imported successfully. If the data is not provided in the BOD, normal ledger import period definition logic will be used to generate a valid period value. File action N/A Option from the 'Source File Action' list Y None Default setting None is recommended.

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This mutation was a reflection of your emotions confronted to an unknown environment : some being projected in video-slivers, others ridigifying in extracts from memory or fragmentable extensions of my body_. In this example, the receiving system will receive an Acknowledge BOD, but (because of the option chosen in SunSystems no Journal was posted. SunSystems Ledger Import options. Balancing options BalancingOptions Blank Unused (No Options) 'JT' Journal Type 'TD' Transaction Date 'RF' Transaction Reference 'T0' to 'T9' Ledger Analysis 1 to 10 Y T3 Use as set on profile. If variation 7 of, say, a master data record is obtained before variation 6, then variation 6 is ignored when it is received. Save Payload N/A Both, Input, None, Output Y None No recommended value Error Suspense Account Code SuspenseAccount Any valid account Y 9999 Set by ledger import transfer profile Transaction Amount Account Code Any valid account Y 9999 Set by ledger import transfer profile Reporting Amount. Configuring SunSystems, in Integration Configuration (INC create a new configuration, and in the Integration System Name pane, check the Selected check box against SunSystems BODs Integration.