Oslo down town

oslo down town

city had wide streets at right angles. It was, and still is, a close-knit community of individuals making something fresh away from the cacophony of larger cities. The culmination is a 56 foot-tall monolith of intertwined bodies.

First food and wine, then coffee. Advertisement, what's going on bakker og berg is that a nomadic arts project called salt has pitched up on Oslo's waterfront and built itself an encampment. (Think the Washington Monument, but covered in naked people.) In total, it is the worlds largest sculpture park made by a single artist. Construction resumed after the war and the office space was in use by 1947, while final touches were still being added. Nearby St Lars ( ) is a velvet-clad, NYC-style bistro for a serious meaty feast. There are talks about sustainability and seals, DJ nights and weekly sauna sessions with specially composed soundscapes, BBQs and salt-cod tacos. Its huge and open-air, featuring actual houses with grass roofs, or on stilts, that you get to walk through to see how Norwegian people lived from the 1500s until now. The guards march through city streets to the Royal Place, the actual home of King Harald V and Queen Sonja, where you can also wander the grounds for free and pretty late. With 300 labels by the glass to dally with, Territoriet ( ) is the best place to while away a Sunday afternoon; for a lesson in funky natural wines head to Brutus ( run by former Noma sommelier John Sonnichsen, or Bar Lardo (its naturalist. Various buildings were also torn down. Horvei put it, very masculine collection of sculptures from Gustav Vigeland inside.

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