Europris langnes troms

europris langnes troms

the large and mountainous islands along the coast provide an excellent sheltered waterway on the inside. Ancestors (anetavle) for easyfit mo i rana George (Geo) Larson (317) married to Marie (Mary) Nilsdatter Nakken (31) (the number behind names.

However, Dividalen (228 m) in Mlselv is the driest in Troms, with only 282 mm/year, and nearby Bardufoss (76 m) is one of the coldest locations in winter; January and 24 July-hr averages are -10.4C (13F) and 13C (56F). He married Karen Henriksdotter Vuopio (2537).

Gertrud11 (-?-) (2536) married Powel Mrtensson (2535). Hemming6 Haagensen Kaldslett Thomasjord (2439) was born between 17 in Kaldslett, Troms, Troms, Norge. Johanna Maria Magdalena4 Hansdatter Sagelv (2462) was born cirka skinnforkle oslo 1790 in Sagelv, Balsfjord, Troms, Norge. He married Susanna Johannesdotter (2475) cirka 1738 in Alta, Finnmark, Norge. He lived between 1564 og 1606 in Marjosaari, √Ėvertorne, Norrbotten, Sverige.

The sheltered valleys in the interior of Troms have the highest tree line (summer warmth and length is the limiting factor with Downy birch reaching 700 m on the southern slope of Njunis; in all Troms birch forms the tree line, often 200 m above. He married Doreth Jensdatter Ebeltoft (2505) cirka 1717 in Sr-Langnes, Troms, Norge. Anne Cathrina5 Hemmingsdatter Thomasjord (2425) was born in Thomasjord, Troms, Troms, Norge.

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