Hurtigbtrute troms harstad

hurtigbtrute troms harstad

breathtaking views of the city, mountains and fjords. When it comes to attractions and activities, Troms is out of the ordinary. Nallikari Lomakylä Camping (10 Leiritie, Northern Ostrobothni). Troms is situated almost 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle, but its climate is pleasantly moderated by the Gulf Stream. The city's most recognizable landmark is the. It was built in 1965, featuring a huge original glass mosaic.

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Sjgata (veg, gate, 26 m unna Ottar Hlygs plass (plass, torg, 30 m unna Strandgata (veg, gate, 93 m unna Harstadsjen (vik i sj, 135 m unna Ellings gate (veg, gate, 135 m unna Rikard Kaarbs gate (veg, gate, 146 m unna Hans Egedes gate. The experience center, Polaria, lies five minutes from the city center. Arctic hunting became an important industry for the town. The city was also referred to as the 'Gateway to the Arctic a highly suitable name given that the majority of polar expeditions started in Troms and Arctic hunting is part of the city's history. Slik forstr du varslene. Sami Lavvo with reindeer sledding? Archaeological excavations in Tnsvika, just outside the city limits, have disclosed artifacts and remains of buildings estimated to be 9-10,000 years old. Troms was the starting point for several Arctic expeditions back in the days, and sealers and hunters roamed the streets. In a traditional wharf house from the 1830s, youll find the. Often described as the Paris of the north, Troms offers a lively nightlife, friendly locals and a range of restaurants specializing in the fresh produce of the region. Several Arctic expeditions have departed from Troms. In 1794, despite having a permanent population of just 80, Troms was issued its city charter.

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