Camping nr brnnysund

camping nr brnnysund

dob, zwierzta 10,- z za dob. Sommer, june 1st, 2018 by redaksjonen, helt ytterst p srspissen av Karmy p Vestlandet, finner du den sjarmerende byen Skudeneshavn. The lake nearby is called «Sandvinssvatnet» and from there its a beautiful view upwards the valley of waterfalls and to Folgefonna. Du kan utforske Nord-Norges hyeste fjell, store bremassiv. Activities for the whole family from beginners to experts. Vre Eidfjord is the last settlement before the road rises up to Hardangervidda, the largest high mountain plateau in Europe, and a good starting point for walking in the mountains. With the Hardanger bridge that opened in August 2013, a trip to the towns Voss, Granvin and Ulvik is just a short drive e camping has a little pier for boats and canoes. The servicebuilding is recently extended/rehabilitated and contains: Reception and kiosk. .

Solneset Grd finner du p Unneland i Arna, ca 25 minuter biltur st for Bergen. High standard NOK 1130,- Camping:  Pr car/caravan  NOK  170,- Adults NOK   30,- Children (4-12) NOK  15,- Electricity NOK   30,- In vre Eidfjord you find Hardangervidda Nature Centre and Hardangerviddahallen, a very good restaurant.

Kjesen montain farm, 600 m above the fjord. Showers with hot/cold water (coin-automates). Please contact us on: mobile: at arrival.

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.04. In the high season, the sanitary facilities are open 24 bmg kjreskole bryne hours a day. Newsletter, subscribe to our newsletter to receive our offers. Also footpath up (1 1/2 hours walk). Grden ligger i naturskjnne omgivelser. Slvgarden ligger i sentrum. Namiot 1-2 osobowy 12,- z za dob, namiot 3-4 osobowy 22,- z za dob, namiot powyej 5 osobowy 38,- z za dob. Open all days in season: 1/7 1/ 9 2008.

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