Barista lnn oslo

barista lnn oslo

part A The Quiz. Part B The Speed Round, teams were given 3 minutes any accrued time from the quiz to produce as many acceptable cappuccinos as possible for the judges. . World Barista Championships 2015 Seattle as Sensory Judge.

Hosted by, barista, school. Christian Gullbrandsson - da Matteo. Kaya Caretta - Nordic Approach. Internansvarlig Psykologistudenter Uten Grenser. Oslo, Barista, kaffebrenneriet.

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This means his task is to attend National Competitions as Head Judge: His judging experience includes: WBC 2012 Vienna as Sensory Judge, Coffee In Good Spirits World danmark oslo ferge Finals 2013 Nice as Sensory Judge. World Brewers Cup Championship 2016 Dublin as Head Judge. Interview With Paul Songer, tone Speaks! Teams were given 10 bowls of 5 different coffees and 5 minutes to pair the matching coffees together. World Brewers Cup Championship 2015 Gothenburg as Sensory Judge. George Howell: Specialty Coffee, thursday 16/9 George Howell set the scene at Nordic Barista Cup with his lecture on specialty coffee.