Waxing skis at home

waxing skis at home

in place. Droplets should be a tad smaller than dime-sized and be spaced roughly 1.5 centimeters apart. Besides selling awesome skis, bikes and bomber outerwear, the people who surround and work at Ruckus are passionate about getting people in the mountains and providing the best gear possible for people to have fun and enjoy themselves. A more accurate method is the venerable Paper Test, which can also be used to determine if skis are either too stiff or too soft. If necessary, you can warm the klister on the base with a propane torch or a hot air gun. If you have classical Nordic skis, sand the grip zone with 100 or 150-grit sandpaper; a roughed-up kick zone binds better to kick wax. Waxless Nordic skis are a popular choice because they have a tread-like pattern on the base that provides grip, eliminating the need for kick wax. In addition to the aforementioned tools for glide wax, for kick waxing youll need: Synthetic Cork Swix Blue Extra Swix Violet Special Swix Red Special Swix Red/Silver Base cleaner Dont feel as though you need to buy all the waxes at once. Smooth into the base with your thumb or a Klister spreader. Plexi Scraper, bronze or Nylon Brush Swix Universal Warm Wax Swix Universal Cold Wax That should get you started nicely. As it warms above 15 degrees F, the friction from ski passing over snow begins to create a thin film of water. Microscopic spaces exist between the molecules of polyethylene in the ski base, and subsequent waxings fill these spaces, lending the waxs water repellent and friction-reducing properties to the base itself.

Synthetic corks tend to work better because they are able to more easily generate friction. Youre well on your way to learning how to read Mother Nature. Anything above CH6, let the waxed bases cool to room temp. Since it takes a little more work to apply kick wax, you get better grip and kick as a result, just as you would expect.

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The wax must be soft enough to allow the snow to bite in for grip but not so soft that it doesnt release the snow underfoot and allow easy nr 1 kjreskole lillehammer gliding. Make sure you have a sharp plastic scraper with square edges. In a well ventilated area using a brush, apply an even coat of pine tar to the entire base of the ski. There are a few things you need before you can begin the process. Ideally youll lay down a fresh coat for every time out, but many of us will try to reuse a previous days wax job if it is not too dirty.