Italian ski boots

italian ski boots

our site are managed by third-party service providers who render the data anonymous and untraceable to any single individual. Essential cookies, these cookies ensure that the site works in a correct and fluid manner: they allow you to navigate between pages, share content, they memorise your sign-in credentials making access to the site faster and they keep your preferences and credentials active during browsing. Licensed their line to K2 in 1986 and exited the business, brand re-introduced in 2010 and then abandoned again. Name of brand, main products, origins from, established. Madshus cross-country Norway 1906 Only major producer left in Norway.

Legekontor ski, Twintip ski guide, Truls og trine skien, Rossignol bc 70 skis,

Purchased by K2 in 1988. With this information we can find out which are the best features and which could be improved, while ensuring that site content is uploaded quickly and displayed appropriately. Voit alpine skis United States 1966 Used a new fibreglass/epoxy technique that was well-liked but very expensive. Cookies memorise information about your visit online (for example; language, number of visits and dimensions of text) and aid the implementation of various services (user registration, contents of your shopping cart, subscription to newsletters or updates on products, etc.). When the rear-entry design rapidly fell from favour around 1990, they purchased the San Giorgio factory and turned to traditional front-entry designs. Rossignol alpine skis, ski jumping skis, cross-country skis, twin tips, ski boots, bindings, snowboards France 1907 Introduced one of the first successful all-round fibreglass ski designs. The use of the data collected by these external operators through cookies must adhere to the respective privacy policies that you will find on the link copied below. Purchased by K2, and in turn, Jarden in 2007.

Some entries are duplicated from above, but not all. Dynastar alpine skis, france 1963. Sold to Jarden Corp.