Flaggruten haugesund bergen

flaggruten haugesund bergen

landscape, were built during the Bronze Age ( BC). The ticket price is NOK 27 to Vibrandsy, NOK 36 to Fey, and NOK 45 to Rvr. The buses run three times a day Sunday-Friday and once on Saturdays. The chapel dates back to 1160 and today it is part of the current Stdle church. You can sometimes get discounts on such transport, along with hotels and restaurants, with. Once in the city, it is possible to travel around either on foot or by using the local buses. There used to be many more burial mounds here, however, only six remain, and they are called the pyramids of the north. Restaurant Naustet specialises in maritime fare served in intimate and cosy surroundings that reflect part of Haugesund's history.

flaggruten haugesund bergen

I would recommend the fast boat Flaggruten which costs more (640KR vs 400KR) but the.
Flaggruten er en hurtigbdsforbindelse p vestkysten af Norge mellem Bergen og Stavanger.

How to travel from, bergen to, haugesund, bergen

flaggruten haugesund bergen

Sam Son, The Harbour,. Have buss kongsberg veggli a great trip! West Norway of, norway. Stdle is situated about one hour by car east of Haugesund. Karmy is the largest and most populous of the islands. The food is good and prices are reasonable. Getting There Away, air SAS ( ) flies regularly to Haugesund from Bergen and Oslo, while Norwe- gian ( m ) also flies the Haugesund-Oslo route. Fey is an island between Karmy and Utsira and has a population.

The islands of Rvr, Fey, and Vibrandsy can only be accessed by boat. As a result, it may be worth renting a car for only part of your trip. Nettbuss competes with Kystbussen with Bergen (but not Stavanger and Haugesund) in its routes. To Glass, Strandgaten 169 (Next to the tourist information building,. They offer food, beer, wine and cocktails. I definitely recommend the ferry as opposed to the bus.