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R, Alex, and my label, Universal/Republic. I feel like I will get there, but Im not finna use nobody to get to where the fuck I gotta. Thats how I first linked up with him. Shes also Vice President.O.O.D. Ive always heard of him through Young Thugs shit, because I love Young Thugs shit.

Ski, mask the, slump Gods mixtape, YouWillRegret, BabyWipe is a track that was teased two months before the mixtape released.
Ski, mask, the, slump God Just Like My Piss (Ft.
Ski, mask, the, slump God DoIHaveTheSause?
D Savage, Ski, mask, the, slump God GrownBoiTrap Esketit.

If you really listen to it and decipher that shit. I fuck with CashMoneyAp. That nigga just snapped. I be like, Damn. Music, but I fuck with Kanye. Ski, mask, the, slump God Jimmy Duval Poltergeist. Ski, mask, the, slump God Bowser (Members Only, Vol. Xxxtentacion and, ski, mask, the, slump God, Kid Trunks, Robb Bank. SKI, mASK, tHE, slump GOD. Stream Tracks and Playlists from.

ski mask the

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