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is a part of the Norwegian national soul. As soon as the weekend or school holiday hits, people flock to the forests and mountains to spend their free time in a small house near a lake or with a panoramic view. There, a huge glass wall will give you unique insight into the bustling life in the sea (Skagerrak) outside. Under is in fact well on the way to becoming a worldwide attraction. It is reminiscent of a rock formation that is rising out of the sea; almost like a kind of art installation.

The researchers will be working to "train" the fish as well as the small animals eaten by the fish. The head chef at Under is named Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen, and that means that the food is something to look forward. It is a comfortable walking distance from the restaurant to first-rate accommodation at Lindesnes Sea Hotel. A "worldwide attraction" and reason in itself to visit Southern Norway says a thrilled Heidi Srvig about the new restaurant.

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Read more about camping in Norway. And indeed, it's the foodies and other guests from around the world whom Gaute Ubostad. Intend to attract to Southern Norway by way of Under. Food, and especially local food, is more and more important to Norwegians, and in the last few years a number of new food festivals have popped up across the country. That is our goal. Especially after Snhetta's illustrations of Under were made public, the interest has been rather intense from the media. The restaurant will not only enhance Southern Norway's position; it will solidify Norway as a whole. The international film festival in Troms in January has a very special atmosphere, while the Film fra Sr (Films from the South) festival in Oslo shows new and exciting titles from Asia, Africa and South America.

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expert lyngdal