How to apply ski wax

how to apply ski wax

smoother and more predictable and protects your bases from abrasion. It's important to be wary of making your iron too hot, as wax that is too hot can damage your board. 2, lay your skis out. Botton left to right: coarse nylon brush, fine nylon brush and horsehair brush. Sooner or later, you'll want to do a thorough cleaning of you skis with a wax remover solvent that is sold especially for this kind of job (although naptha, the white gas used for camping stoves, also works well). Liquid or paste pizzabakeren lillehammer lillehammer waxes may increase glide for a short time, however they quickly wear off and don't protect your base. Temperature-specific waxes are designed to work within an outdoor temperature range, which is listed on the packaging. If your bases are dirty, you can use base cleaner or citrus solvent to remove grime and oil, but use it sparingly and be sure to allow the bases to dry completely before waxing. Zero classic skis Apply Rex Anti-Ice Glider #507 to prevent icing.

Less expensive skis and boards and those meant to endure abuse usually use bases made of extruded P-Tex, a very dense form of Polyethylene thats durable but doesnt adhere too well to wax. (Click here for more base structure info.). Moreover, temperature of the snow usually changes throughout the course of a day. Don't hold the iron in one place for too long, as this could cause the base to blister. For maximum durability and performance you can start by applying Rex oslo to southampton Base Klister #290 (or Liquid Base Klister #2901) as a base layer. How To Wax, waxing is easy and you need only a few basic supplies. Use a soft bristled brush as desired to finish the surface. Moreover, there are web sites, books, and articles which explain how to use hot irons and waxing benches to meticulously spread the right combination of various types of glide waxes on your skis every time you go out. Keep the iron moving at all times; usually a speed of about 1 - 2 inches per second will prevent damage to the base by overheating.

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