Hurtigruten lesund bergen

hurtigruten lesund bergen

unique. Enjoy a good meal and get a taste of the citys nightlife before departure. The Museum is about 10 minutes by car east of the town centre. The city offers the ideal combination of nature, culture, history, and exhilarating city life. By the picturesque harbour you find the landmark. Recommendation: Book to disembark in the morning. What's made Bergen famous is its unique charm, which is something you have to experience for yourself.

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Today Bergen has a population of approximately 270,000. Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains, and one of the most popular attractions of the world: the fjords. With rainy weather may be not so good. Mount Flyen will give you an active start of your journey. Take stroll to the old fortress. Walking through unesco-listed, bryggens narrow alleyways, made even darker and more mysterious by overhanging balconies, feels like stepping back in time. There are plenty of tempting shopping opportunities, from small and specialized shops to large department stores. Bergen also has a varied year-round entertainment scene that ranges from world-class musical and theatrical performances to exciting football matches. Mingle with the crowds, enjoy some seafood, or just experience the atmosphere. The warehouse from 1861 holds the fisheries exhibitions of lesund Museum. Bergen was a major European trading and seafaring port. Norway in a Nutshell how is the weather in oslo takes you through some of the most magnificent scenery in the area with breathtaking fjords, rural idyll, and the spectacular Flm Mountain Railway.